Curb Appeal: What it is and how to maintain it!

Curb Appeal: What it is and how to maintain it!

We all know that appearances count and that people make quick decisions
deciding if they “feel” right about a place when they’re on the hunt
for a new property. If you’re trying to sell your listing fast, you’d be wise to focus on what
the industry calls “curb appeal.” Essentially, curb appeal refers to how your property
looks “at first glance.” Pressed for time and wanting the biggest bang for their dollar,
buyers are likely to make gut decisions on which properties they want to bid on rapidly.
So as a seller, it’s crucial that you think about curb appeal when preparing your home
for the market.

Take a look at the outside of your home as objectively as possible. Does it seem attractive, tidy, and structurally sound? If there are particularly compelling features, then accentuate them. Your front walkway or staircase are eye-catching? Consider drawing the eye to them by adding lanterns or planters to these areas. Pop in a touch of colour to make a door or windowsills stand out.

Keep garbage, compost and other detritus out of the picture. Maintain the yard. Rake up leaves and plant attractive flowers around the property. Clear away toys or anything else that adds a sense of clutter. Don’t forget to pay attention to the sides and back of your home as buyers often check out places behind the fence or from the back alley.

Make sure the gutters are cleaned and the roof and siding is in good repair. As an owner,
it’s easy to get accustomed to your home and blind to the ragged edges. Aim to look
at your house with fresh eyes. And this creation of curb appeal includes the houses that border yours. To bump up the value of your property, the whole neighbourhood needs to get involved.

Host a curb appeal party and prepare all your homes for the appraising eyes of buyers!

written by: Bryan Schwartz