In 2009, I made the best decision of my life. Before I go into the details of that, I want to give you a bit of background. I’m not, by nature, a very transactional person. I tend to lead with my heart, value genuine connections and lean towards a bit of impulsivity.

Until my early thirties, I was the only person affected by my decisions. This next decision would need a more thoughtful approach and serious consideration. If I chose to embark on this next journey, I had to do some soul-searching. I couldn’t let down those whose future strength and success depended on my ability to commit forever.

Well, what was this epic decision?

I married my best friend. While that sounds perfect and uncomplicated, it wasn’t. Not only did I get married, but I also became a stepdad to two-year-old twins. A husband and father in the blink of an eye!

Becoming a stepdad wasn’t a decision I took lightly. The future was so full of unknowns. Was I ready to deal with the unique role? Could I rise above any chaos and provide a foundation of love and support through the ups and downs? Did I understand the great responsibility of being a parent and how it would change my life? Would I ever become a dad to biological children?

The early days were difficult. I had two wonderful children right before me who needed guidance, love and stability. Around this time, my wife and I discovered we couldn’t expand our family. And when loss and frustration were overriding my thoughts, I needed to dig deep.

Raising kids with any outdated or preconceived ideas of parenting needed to change. I needed to embrace the adage, “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.”

I took a deep breath. I needed to gain patience and understand that each person needs something different. My ego took a backseat, and I became able to listen, be present, and be flexible. Meet each child where they were, and show up for them. Parenting changed from battles and stress to more balance and cooperation. With open communication and win-win negotiation strategies, we flourished.

Today, I have a deep bond with my children. The skills they learned through our parenting have laid a good foundation. I'm excited to watch as they grow into adults.

These skills I honed over the years have proven essential in my business. I strive to lay good foundations with the people I’m helping. My goal in Real Estate is to provide a straightforward approach. I want to meet people where they’re at, in all their unique situations. To be the person bringing clarity so that you can make the best decisions.

I never expected to get into Real Estate as a career. I thought I would put my background in Kinesiology into practice. My goal was to open a clinic. One specializing in helping people maintain an active, injury-free lifestyle while aging. I suppose it’s no surprise what my focus is now. It's working with the generation of people nestled between having adult children and aging parents. Looking back, I remember two scenarios that impacted why this became my focus.

I grew up in Richmond near endless dykes, where it always seemed sunny. I loved riding bikes, playing Little League, and spending countless hours with friends. I was the youngest of four and was constantly being doted on by my loving parents and three sisters. It was ideal.

When the time came that my siblings and I moved out, our parents reevaluated their needs. That large home with the large yard and the five bedrooms wasn’t what they needed anymore. The neighbourhood had changed, and their focus had changed, too. They decided to pack up and move. They found a fabulous bungalow in a gated community. A home they knew would serve their needs for decades to come.

We didn’t judge their decision to move. They had supported us all these years and now needed our support. During this time, I noticed the positive impact it had on them. They didn’t want to spend hours on yard maintenance, home renovations and cleaning. They used their extra time to give back to their community, travel and enjoy friendships. They were living their best life and thriving!

The other impactful moment came years later. I watched one of my neighbours taken from their home into a long-term care facility. Her choices were gone, and her ability to make informed decisions had slipped away. Had she wanted to stay put? Had she lived the life she wanted? Were the last few decades of life simply existing instead of thriving?

I continue to see scenarios playing out all around me. Some, where people have seized the moment, and others, where people have become prisoners in their own homes. My wife and I are approaching this phase of life. What will we do? What barriers exist to leaping from the status quo to a new possibility? Could I help others make that transition with the best guidance?

That’s when I got to work designing a process that would break down barriers and lighten the load. A crafted set of steps takes you from where you are to where you want to be. You are in a unique phase of life. Still active and healthy with goals, dreams and aspirations for your future. Your life no longer revolves around your children. You can actively put your next dreams into reality!

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